FA Premier League Manager 2001

FA Premier League Manager 2001 was not a game loved by everyone or a game played by millions of PC users, but those who adore it were exceptional fans of this game.

Managerial football simulations are divided into two directions.

  • The first is the accompanying games based on a rich visual proposition and animated matches.
  • The second group includes programs that highlight statistics and complex calculations in the foreground, with the Championship Manager leading the way.

The basic concept of the new FA Premier League Manager 2001 program “EA Sports” was taken over from the CM series, but they did not resist the challenge to unnecessarily decorate it with cosmetic details that are pleasing to the eye, but do not provide the necessary depth and longevity.

The pull-down menu system is very poorly implemented – there is a pause before the menu opens, then a pause during the selection of the main options, another pause before the option is activated and finally a pause until it is on the desired screen. We expected that at least the data on the composition of the clubs would be updated, but that was not done properly (Figo is still in Barça, Petit and Overmars in Arsenal).

The game is full of illogical and unrealistic elements, so your money will fall from the sky at one point (supposedly the reward for a successful series), and the next time you will be penniless. Good players will value you exclusively according to the amount of money you offer them, even if you played in the third league (which is not exceptional in real life).

It is interesting that the transfers take place via e-mail. One should not pay too much attention to the individual characteristics of the players, because only the overall performance has some significance. The tactical preparation of the team also belongs to the side jobs, which is a real absurdity (you can find yourself in the first league after only two seasons, without even opening the option to modify the tactics).

Such superficiality, with a criminally bad control system and options that appear with a heavy delay (which is why you will often get the wrong button) makes FA Premier League Football Manager 2001 a bad investment that, despite its visual appeal, you can skip peace of mind.1

Can I play FA Premier Manager 2001in 2022?

There are fans who spent nights and nights playing the aforementioned multiplayer game with friends on one computer. They were annoyed, because the game is often “crashing”, so they had to save the game every 5 minutes. But these are real fans of this game!

That is why even today in the 21st century, there are those who would like to play it today in 2022 on their computer.

The problem is new machines with 64-bit processors and software. But there are solutions … What would an Englishman say or on eBay and buy a computer from 2002-2003.

We have solution and yes, you can play FA Premier League Manager 2001 in 2022.

How to install FA Premier Manager 2001 on Windows 10

You must first have a PC installation of this game.

FA Premier League Manager 2001 Specification

ALT NAMES FA Manager 2001
YEAR 2000
PLATFORM Windows 98
RELEASED IN Germany, United Kingdom
GENRE SimulationSportsStrategy
THEME Licensed TitleManagerial, Soccer / Football (European)
PUBLISHER Electronic Arts, Inc.
DEVELOPER Electronic Arts UK Ltd.
PERSPECTIVE Text-based / Spreadsheet

FA Manager 2001 Screenshots

FA Premier League Manager 2001
FA Premier League Manager 2001
  1. Original: SK

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